A Traveler’s Airport Guide in Frankfurt

Sometimes transiting from one airport to another can be a bit confusing even to frequent flyers. This is the reason why when you are traveling, you have to keep your eyes open and you move fast so you do not miss any of your flights. If in this case you are exiting or entering Germany, you have to be familiar with the airports so you can move swiftly.

The busiest Airports Germany is Frankfurt Airport followed by Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin Tegel and Hamburg. In 2007, Frankfurt Airport catered to 60,786,937 passengers, which noted a 0.4% decrease from the previous year’s number of passengers. Munich Airport saw 42,261,309 passengers while Dusseldorf had 23,521,919 passengers. In the case of Berlin Tegel, it processed 21,253,959 passengers while Hamburg accommodated 21,253,959 passengers.

If you will be at Frankfurt Airport soon, you have to know that the layout of the airport is colossal, which can be confusing. For this reason, you need to plan so you can move swiftly. Here’s a helpful airport guide for your reference:

As mentioned, the layout of Frankfurt Airport is colossal. It is composed of Terminal 1 Concourses (including A, B, C, and Z) and Terminal 2 Concourses (including D and E). You can move in between terminals through shuttle bus or SkyLine train for free. Like other airports, it houses several shops, restaurants, duty-free, and other services all throughout the airport.  There are also shower facilities for both terminals for a fee. For many travelers, Frankfurt’s unlimited use of Wi-Fi is a good thing. There are over 300 access points strategically placed around the Terminals.

Whatever class of service you opted for, the good news is that there are several lounges that you can use by paying at the door.  You can also avail of their lounge membership program. If you are in Terminal 1, there’s Luxx Lounge, Lufthansa Business and Senator Lounge, and Welcome Lounge. In Terminal 2, there’s Sky Lounge, Air France Lounge, and Primeclass Lounge. If you are a Business Class or First Class traveler, you have to check your airline’s website so you will know how you can access their lounges.

Other services and facilities

Aside from the things mentioned above, Frankfurt Airport boasts of the following services and facilities:
1. Children’s Play Areas: If your kids are bored, you can take them to Pay Areas. Play

Areas are available in both Terminals.
2. Casino: There is also a Casino in Terminal 1 but it is only accessible from 7AM to

3. Airport Experience Tours: You do not see this kind of service in other airports. Frankfurt Airport will take you on a Sunset Tour, Maxi Tour, and Fire Department Tour. There will be a fee and better check for the timing if you want to join.
4. Flight Simulator: If you are curious how it feels to fly and land an airplane, Flight Simulator can give you an idea. The best thing about this is that a commercial airline pilot will supervise you.
5. Movie World: The best way to relax is to see a movie. You can watch documentary or a full-length movie for free. You can find it in Terminal 1.

Frankfurt Airport also has Yoga Room, Spa, Smoking Areas, Pharmacy, Medical Services, Laundry and many more.