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So place the ice in the fridge. The tender beef is cut so easily. The rectifier is so simple that you can even make it at your home. The minus sauce is used for the making of the steak item.initially removal the muscle layer on the steaks. The steaks I prepared properly. Remove the muscle layer initially,then use it for various other uses.make the piece into slices. The muscle layers is white in colour so you can identify it easily compared to normal days. The knife should be so sharp.remove all the muscle layer. The under cut piece is rem,one only fat is present. Then make the seasoning into the steak with slat an the pepper. Then make it into past and apply on the fat of BLS  streak. Them apply on the streak. This process is called as pricking. The main preparation of the sauce we can used t for preparation of sauce. Then let it caramelize the liquid.

The mixture is prepared and the powder of other species are added into it. The phalli and the charade cheese is placed into the mixture. Then it is left till it is consistency. Then take a grill pan,let it to heat till some time. Add the garlic into the grill. Then place the garlic under the streak. Then grill the entire health. Later maintain good ease. The four sides are streak sae made,then it is heated. We should not over cook the streak.